SimpleSoft Success Stories

Success stories from a few of the hundreds of satisfied customers world-wide, are shared below:

HP Software

Kelly Smith, HP Software BTO, Research and Development

HP Software's BTO solutions are geared for IT strategy, applications and operations. It includes a whole suite of products including the Network Node Manager.

"After extensively testing SimpleAgentPro, I found that it met our performance and scalability testing requirements."
"I really liked the performance of SimpleAgentPro. Its response to rapid SNMP queries is very impressive, and the VLAN feature also worksperfectly and saves us licensing costs.

"I use SimpleAgentPro to simulate network management scenarios that I receive from customers, and it has been a very useful tool in testing out different configurations and situations before a new release. SimpleAgentPro is saving us time and money and is making our testing process more efficient."

Hitachi Solutions

David Bishop, VP-R&D

Hitachi Solutions is a business application consulting firm and trusted provider of vertical industry solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud. Its IoT Predictive Service Hub product helps organizations transform the maintenance optimization process from one of repair and replace to predict and fix.

"Whenever we demonstrate the capabilities of our IoT Predictive Service Hub to customers, we use the SimpleIoTSimulator to quickly create user specific simulations."

"It is such a great tool for us (and I hope for many others)."

Cognito Networks

Kittur Nagesh, Founder & CEO

Cognito Networks delivers a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables enterprises and small-medium businesses (SMBs) to easily manage, scale, and apply sensor data to make better decisions, build a smarter enterprise, and establish clear competitive advantages.

"We found the SimpleIoTSimulator useful in quickly creating simulated customer scenarios to give realistic sales demos. The simulation has also helped our customers visualize the power of Cognito Networks innovative policy and workflow automation prior to deployment."

"The simulator is very versatile and is helping us carry out functional testing of multiple sensor protocols with our solution without incurring large test infrastructure costs."

NEC Corporation

Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager

With global operations, cutting-edge technology in numerous fields and over 100 years of business experience, NEC has emerged as a leading global Internet Solution Provider.

"Within NEC, our group develops NMS systems for telecom carriers and ISPs. Our customer's networks tend to be large, with equipment from various different vendors, so we need an SNMP simulator that can simulate all of the equipment. Actually, SimpleAgentPro was the only product we could find that suited our purpose. We appreciate that SimpleAgentPro can simulate different agents with different source IP address on a single machine, because we did not have to prepare many machines as simulators that saved time and saved our budget."

"I recommend SimpleSoft products to people in other departments, not only because SimpleAgentPro was useful for our simulations and tests but also because I liked the support I received. SimpleSoft is always quick to answer to my questions or requests although we are in different countries."

Transaction Network Services

Ricardo Vargas, Network Management Systems Operational Support Specialist

Transaction Network Services (TNS) has been delivering industry-leading solutions for the payments, financial and telecommunications industries since 1990. TNS is the preferred supplier of networking, integrated data and voice services to many leading organizations in the global payments and financial communities, as well as a provider of extensive telecommunications network solutions to service providers.

"I found SimpleAgentPro very easy and intuitive to use. The setup was simple and we were up and running very quickly. It has been very effective and we have made great use of SimpleAgentPro in our Virtual labs. Its performance and ease of use was much better than a previous product that we used. SimpleAgentPro's licensing and pricing models were also more cost effective.
We decided to switch because SimpleAgentPro enabled us to truly make most efficient use of our time for network simulations. The previous simulator we deployed was difficult to use and had a steep learning curve. In addition, the inefficient GUI caused delays and was a challenge to work with.

With SimpleAgentPro, there was virtually no learning curve to start up a simulation of fifty Cisco devices and see the simulated utilization in our performance capacity reporting tool. I particularly like the ability to learn a MIB from a device, and playback recorded device statistics for development and trouble shooting. SimpleAgentPro also has a wonderful and simple GUI which you may use to modify how the simulated agents respond to an SNMP get query.

If you prefer a programmatic approach, SimpleAgentPro provides an industry standard TCL interpreter and API with documentation to script out virtually any functionality you may require for all types of NMS simulations. We have used SimpleAgentPro for SNMP, ICMP, syslog, and trap simulations and find this software invaluable for the development of current projects. I am impressed with SimpleAgentPro and we will continue to use the software for many projects to come.

Since we switched to SimpleSoft, we have abandoned the previous simulator entirely and only use SimpleAgentPro for all our NMS Simulations.”

Italtel SpA

Roberto Zambetti, Project Manager, Technology & Product Development - OSS Products

Italtel is one of the world's leading suppliers of telecommunications networks: its core business is the design, development and implementation of integrated voice/data/images networks and the offer of network business services.

Italtel, working together with its strategic partner Cisco Systems, has developed an innovative solution in order to move all voice and data traffic on a single, massive IP network. In 1998, Italtel began building a new generation of switches to create a bridge between traditional telephone networks (TDM) and the new IP generation universe. Italtel answered to the new market's needs launching iMSS (Italtel Multi-Service Solutions), which acting as a "soft-switch" allows network operators to provide their customers with a highly competitive, flexible and reliable services range, covering both traditional and new value-added services.
"When we needed to create a management application for our world-class iMSS switch integrated with Cisco Systems equipments, we turned to SimpleSoft. SimpleAgentPro simulated the complex scenarios we needed to manage and prepare for. We are very satisfied with SimpleAgentPro.

It supports many agents on the same box, and the file format is very intelligent. In fact, the GUI interface is so simple and easy to use that I was able to get quite far before consulting the documentation!. And the ability to automatically create traps from a compiled MIB file has significantly increased the productivity of our team!"

WatchMark Corp. (now IBM)

Mark Chinnick, Application Support Manager

WatchMark is a market leader in the design and development of Fault and Performance Management software for the Telecommunications Industry. Currently development is taking place on OMC's (Operations and Maintenance Centre) for the UTRAN (OMC-U) and the Packet System (OMC-PS) as part of an overall development of the 3G Network infrastructure being undertaken by Lucent, a major Technologies company.

As part of this development, WatchMark provides ongoing training to the customer to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the development of the products. This training is made all the more difficult due to the fact that much of the equipment that is managed by the OMC is also under development and the logistics of setting up real equipment for such training would be impossible.
Based on these requirements, WatchMark uses SimpleSoft's SimpleAgentPro to simulate the SNMP equipment (including generation of event and alarm traps) on the network that would be managed by the OMC-PS

"SimpleAgentPro has enabled our training teams to enhance the training that they give by allowing hands on experience with fully populated systems as well as being able to demonstrate the system managing a whole network of managed elements. The fact that we have been able to provide this kind of simulated environment in one location, has allowed us to provide remote simultaneous training to customer offices worldwide."

Cisco Systems

Gareth McKenna, Group Manager - AccessVision Infrastructure

"Our group provides a powerful management framework and a set of management applications that allow network infrastructure providers, systems integrators and service providers to create solutions for New World networks and services.

We use the SimpleAgentPro to ensure that the solutions we provide can scale up to large carrier networks. Using the SimpleAgentPro, we have simulated networks with over a million manageable objects.
We have been using SimpleAgentPro for the past two years and continue to work with SimpleSoft for our simulation needs. It is a vital part of a test environment that we are dependent on to meet our scalability requirements.

"We have found SimpleSoft support to be very knowledgeable and very responsive."

Orckit Communications Ltd.

Muly Ilan, Project Manager, Network Management Group.

"Orckit Communications Ltd. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-speed digital modems that enable broadband data access over existing copper telephone lines.

As part of the CopperTrunkr and FastInternetT product lines Orckit develops a network element called SNMP Shelf Manager (SSM). The SSM agent implements standard and proprietary MIBs. TheSimpleTester and a MIB browser are the main tools we use to verify the correct operation of the SNMP agent. In both the development and testing phases we exercise the SimpleTester set of pre-defined tests.
An important feature of the SimpleTester is its support of custom scripts. In addition to the built-in tests we created our own set of scripts that operate the SNMP interface in the same way that an element manager does.

Testing our SNMP agent with the SimpleTester was one of the main reasons we passed the Duetche Telekom extensive validation tests". SimpleSoft helped us on the management application side as well.

One of the major issues of an element management system, especially in the access market, is its performance when monitoring large networks. In most cases, due to space and cost limitations, it is not possible to build in the lab a setup that is as large as the real installation. We use theSimpleAgentPro to simulate networks with a lot of network elements and by this we test our element management application in an environment that is as close as possible to the real deployment in the field. Each network element is simulated by a set of TCL scripts that follow the behavior of the real SNMP agent.

With the SimpleAgentPro it is possible to stress the management application by dynamically creating a lot of rows in the MIB tables and by generating SNMP trap storms.

"With the aid of the SimpleAgentPro we are confident that the management system will perform well in an actual customer installation with thousands of xDSL links"

Terayon Communications Systems, Inc.

Adam Parmelee, Member of Technical Staff.

"Terayon Communication Systems produces cable modem systems that enable cable television operators to launch reliable, high-speed, two-way broadband access services.

The new cable specifications have defined a fairly comprehensive set of SNMP MIBs for both the headend boxes and the cable modems. We use the SimpleTester extensively when we do conformance testing of our SNMP agent implementations. It has saved us a lot of time.
I really like the ease of use of the product."

3Com Corporation

Roger Wang, Test Engineer, NMD

"3Com delivers innovative information access products and network system solutions to enterprises, small businesses, carriers and network service providers, PC OEMs and consumers.

We use the SimpleAgentPro in our network management application testing labs to simulate over 600 different networking devices that are made by 3Com. Without the SimpleAgentPro we would need lots and lots of equipment in our labs.
Using its command line support, we have developed scripts that run the SimpleAgentPro on multiple machines to simulate really large networks with thousands of devices.

I really like the command line utilities and the good support that is provided."

Native Networks (now Alcatel-Lucent)

Ehud Arkin, System Integrator

Native Networks' innovative carrier-class solutions enable network operators to offer differentiated, high value Metro Ethernet services, with improved flexibly and significantly greater efficiency over existing or greenfield infrastructure. Designed to enable an evolutionary and complementary approach, they offer the ability to transport and aggregate Metro Ethernet packets alongside legacy circuits/TDM over existing SDH/SONET infrastructure, dark fiber, or DWDM. This enables service providers to increase service differentiation and profitability by enhancing their Metro Ethernet offerings with advanced layer 2 services such as Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS).

" At Native Networks we use SimpleTester in a way that may be different than normal. When identifying the testing requirements for the new generation of Native Networks' products, we quickly realized we would need an automated, simplified network management system capable of creating thousands of multi-point network services. These services would be based on batch user input and created via SNMP using Native Networks' proprietary MIBs. The simplified network management system would be test-oriented, would not include the full capabilities of the NativeView NMS, and would have to be cheap and easy to build.
We decided to use SimpleTester as a middle layer between our simplified network management system and the systems under test. SimpleTester allows us to hide all SNMP implementation issues from our simplified, test-oriented network management system, as well compile all standard and proprietary MIBs and monitor network status with very little effort. It is dependable, very quick to set up and easy to integrate into our automated testing applications. These qualities have left us free to concentrate on the actual testing and result analysis of Native Network carrier class solutions."