Enabling Devices for IoT using Protocol Translation

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SimpleIoTProxy is an easy to deploy, software based, Internet of Things (IoT) proxy that gathers information from existing infrastructure devices and forwards it to newer IoT platforms running sophisticated data analytics. It quickly creates hundreds of IoT enabled shadow device contexts, all on just one computer, where each shadow device context, maps to a real device supporting an older management protocol. 

 On the platform side, SimpleIoTProxy device contexts support many common IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP/s and interface with popular IoT platforms like Azure IoT, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix.

On the device side, the device contexts talk many older management protocols like SNMP, Telnet/SSH, Modbus over TCP/IP, and BACnet/IP to gather data from existing real devices and turn them into IoT enabled devices.

The shadow device contexts support receiving actuation messages from the IoT platforms and forwarding them to the associated real device using the appropriate device side protocol. They also include a scripting environment that can process information at the edge. Both IPv4 and IPv6 device contexts are supported.

Applications & Benefits

IoT Solution vendors can use SimpleIoTProxy to gather data from existing infrastructure devices without having to wait for the devices to support newer IoT protocols. The gathered data can then be fed to AI/Machine Learning based data analytics applications that provide services like predictive maintenance. 

Critical events like traps and syslog events can also be forwarded to IoT platforms.

SimpleIoTProxy also provides an actuation pathway to take action based on the results of data analytics for controlling devices.

Using the proxy enables data to be gathered from both newer IoT devices and older infrastructure devices to create a more complete, un-fragmented, holistic view for the data analytic software.

Device contexts support a scripting engine to allow data processing and actions to be taken locally to minimize the information sent to the cloud.



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System Requirements

SimpleIoTSimulator Overview

This short tutorial will give you an overview on SimpleSoft’s IoT Management Simulators which can be used to simulate thousands of gateways and sensors.

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SimpleSoft releases Version 27.5 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 27.5 now GetBulk based, faster learning, include file support in Telnet modeling files to reduce duplication, automatic handling of filters in Cisco IOS CLI commands,…
Release Notes

December 20, 2023

SimpleSoft releases Version 27.0 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 27.0 now supports common data representation of variables for use by many management protocols, saving of configuration command information during CLI provisioning, simplified GPB buffer specification for Telemetry, Modeling file debugger,…
Release Notes

June 29, 2023

SimpleSoft releases Version 26.5 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 26.5 now supports performance statistics in Netconf, provides remote host/port information in Telnet/SSH for filtering, allows timer_action to be staggered in SNMP,…
Release Notes

December 20, 2022

SimpleSoft releases Version 26.0 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 26.0 now enhances Telemetry support in HTTP2/client and HTTP2, adds valuelist support in Netconf data modeling, AES-192-C and AES-256-C support for Cisco key initialization in SNMP,…
Release Notes

July 29, 2022

SimpleSoft releases Version 25.5 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 25.5 now adds enhanced Netconf support for data modeling and namespaces, improved Telnet config command score handling, HTTP/2 server response generation without data,…
Release Notes

December 14, 2021

SimpleSoft releases Version 25.0 of SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise
SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise 25.0 now includes support for HTTP/2 client for dial-out telemetry with gRPC, exporting and importing of maps, device diagnostic connectivity checking, support for a config command score to give different show command responses after config changes in Telnet/SSH,…
Release Notes

July 27, 2021