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  "I recommend SimpleSoft products, not only because SimpleAgentPro was useful for our simulations, but also because I liked the support I received. SimpleSoft is always quick to answer to my questions or requests although we are in different countries."  
  -Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager
NEC Corporation
Company Overview
SimpleSoft's SimpleIoTSimulator now supports Modbus
Modbus over TCP Support for Industrial IoT Simulations
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(November 10, 2015) - SimpleSoft, the leading provider of network and IoT management simulation tools, today announced version 3.0 of SimpleIoTSimulator, which allows users to develop, test, train, demonstrate and support IoT platforms for today's growing IoT sensor and gateway deployments.
Among other improvements, the new release includes support for Modbus over TCP. Simulated Modbus server can support multiple slaves, each with its own address map and data. Support for dynamism for the values returned, along with a learning application that can poll data from real servers and record data for subsequent playback is included. In addition to Modbus, the simulator supports, CoAP, MQTT, MQTTSN, MQTT Brokers and HTTP/s clients and servers with REST.
"As support for Modbus is important for Industrial IoT applications, we have continued to enhance our simulator offerings," said Sudhir Pendse, SimpleSoft CEO. "Our customers can now simulate thousands of sensors to carry out scalability, performance, and pre-deployment testing of their Utilities, Mining, Transportation, and Agricultural IoT platform solutions."
SimpleIoTSimulator can dramatically reduce test infrastructure setup costs by simulating thousands of sensors and gateways on a single machine. Simulated environments can then be used during application development; while doing functional, scalability, error and pre-deployment testing; when duplicating customer issues; and for training and sales demonstrations.
SimpleIoTSimulator is available now on 64bit Linux. IoT simulation support is also available in a separately priced IoT module for SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise on Linux.
Information on SimpleIoTSimulator is available at: http://www.simplesoft.com/SimpleIoTSimulator.html
Founded in 1993, SimpleSoft has grown to be the world's leading provider of network management simulation and test software tools. With more than 1000 customers in 35 countries, SimpleSoft serves QA, R&D, tech support, engineering, and sales departments in the world's leading data/networking companies like Cisco, CA, HP, Siemens and NTT. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For more information, contact SimpleSoft at 650-965-4515 or visit www.SimpleSoft.com.
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